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Apocalypse Fantasy and Myth in the Road Novel (Published)

The Road is McCarthy’s latest work which was published in 2006 and awarded the Pulitzer in 2009. This novel belongs to a style called sub- politely and post-apocalyptic science fiction which describes the situations following the exposure of planet earth to a super disaster. The worst can be expected if the catastrophe happens in the planet where destruction and havoc spread widely. No death of other living organisms including humans! That eliminates nearly all life on the planet blue! All on the severity of the bad will never be worse than losing what was left of human beings on earth their humanity! Crashing the humanity! To overwhelm animal instinct! Eat each other! Fear of each other’s. This paper will attempt to shed light on what has happened to the world of a fictional catastrophe with a legendary artistic framework in the McCarthy Road novel.

Keywords: Apocalypse, Cormac McCarthy, Myth, The Road