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Cooperation in International water law and, States human Rights Obligation to fulfill the human right to water (Published)

Water is an issue that has a deep impact on human lives and livelihood. Promoting human rights would provide better protection of individuals within water law. Although, International human rights law sets basic minimum standards for water use, allocation, conservation and dispute resolution, but there is very little research on how human rights law can form the basis of the rights and responsibilities of states with regard to trans-boundary watercourses. States may have obligations to cooperate, in order to uphold their human rights obligations. This area has many disputes how to use water, disputes which will greatly affect the lives of citizens. There is very little research on how these two areas of law can function together to be mutually supportive. In this paper, briefly we are trying to find that how may International human rights law and International water law be made coherent and mutually supportive as regards human rights to water, and explain about Transboundary Water Cooperation between states, in order to fulfill the right to water.

Keywords: International human rights, International trans-boundary waters, The Right to Water, UN Watercourses Convention, UNECE Convention, Vital Human Need