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The Quantity and Quality of Teaching: The Way Forward For Teachers in Ghana (Published)

The Government of Ghana has since independence in 1957 made a number of reforms to the educational system with the aim to achieve efficiency, accessibility and equity in service delivery. Significant progress in all these areas has since been made over the years. However, what remains a challenge is the quality of education in terms of learning outcomes. This paper is part of a longitudinal study on teaching effectiveness in Ghana. Using a representative sample of 99 teachers in 73 primary schools, this paper examines teacher classroom behaviors.  Based on classroom observations, it came out that the teachers emphasized more on the quantitative aspect of teaching which is basic to instruction.  The quantity of instruction is necessary but insufficient for successful learning.  A combination of quantity and quality of instruction in their right proportions is what can lead to successful student learning. Implications of the findings for teacher professional development are drawn.

Keywords: The quantity and quality of teaching, and teacher professional development