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Some Aspects of the Reproductive Biology of the Long Fin Gurnard Aspitrigla Obscura (Linnaeus, 1764) In Dernah Coast, Eastern Libya (Published)

The reproductive biology of 389 specimens of Aspitrigla obscura (Family: Triglidae) obtained from catches collected by gill and trammel nets from Dernah coast, eastern Libya, Mediterranean Sea, was established during a one year study period (April, 2013 to January 2014). There were monthly variations in sex ratio between males (193 fish = 49.6%) and females (196 fish = 50.4%). The overall sex ratio was 1: 1.02 in favor of females. The breeding season extended from December to May. Oocyte diameters increased gradually and progressively during October (87 ± 4.27 μm) to December (250 ± 40.38 μm), then recorded highest values of 367 ± 41.39 in January to 567 ± 21.14 in May. The average absolute fecundity ranged from 535±33.9 in October to 8891±1231.4 in May for fish of total length ranging from 19.1 to 33.9 cm.. Overall absolute fecundity was 5875±503.1, whereas overall relative fecundity was 176±23.3cm-1.

Keywords: Aspitrigla Obscura, Mediterranean Sea, Reproductive Biology, Triglidae, eastern Libya, the Long Fin Gurnard