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The Effect of The Level of Navigation in Interactive Infographics on the Motivation for Achievement and the Attitude towards Digital Visual Representations (Published)

This study aimed to identify the effect of the level of navigation in interactive infographics (horizontal vs in-depth navigations) on the motivation for achievement and the attitude towards digital visual representations. Aquasi-experimental approach was used to compare the two experimental groups. The first group used infographic based on horizontal navigation while the second used infographic based on an in-depth navigation.  The research sample consisted of (64) students who are currently studying a general diploma at the faculty of education at the University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They were randomly assigned into two research groups with (32) students in each group. Two tools were developed, the first is the motivation measure of achievement and consists of (6) themes (sense of responsibility, perseverance, level of ambition, appreciation of the importance of time, enjoying learning practices, and planning for the future) with (36) items. On the other hand, the second tool was developed to measure the attitude towards digital visual representations and it included (3) themes (reading the digital visual representations, the effevtiveness of the digital visual representations, and the requirments for these representations) and this includes (24) items. The results have shown that the in-depth infographic navigation outweighed as compared to the horizontal infographic navigation in developing both the motivation for achievement and the attitude towards digital visual representations. In addition, the research recommended an expansion in the use of interactive infographic in digital educational systems.

Keywords: attitude towards digital visual representations., horizontal navigation, in-depth navigation, interactive infographic, motivation for achievement, the level of navigation