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Suicide Linked To Excessive Homework in China (Published)

What made young people between the ages of 15 to 34 take their lives; affecting constantly the ‘Y’ and millennial generations? Sadly, and more often than not, it is the young people jumping-off buildings to their deaths. The common reason why this was happening came with the unrealistic expectations of success. One in which, it is a burden of 17 to 18 hour days/five to six days a week full of classes and plenty of homework.  A stress level not often seen in Westernized countries, but across Asia, which is quite common in countries like: China, Japan and South Korea. Therefore, affecting the ‘flower of youth’, especially in the Ancient Middle Kingdom (China).  The pressure is so great, because of the current-high level of competition, over expectation and the overpopulation.  For every Chinese, they literally have to fight for every centimeter to achieve something.  What commonly broke my heart were the young who couldn’t take this burdensome workload and decided to end their lives.  Whether these youths were in primary school or those preparing for the ‘Hukou’ (the literal, ‘nail-biting’ tough college entrance exam).  Therefore, linking homework to suicides in youngsters as the common cause of death!  This investigation pretends to focus on a survey/questionnaire for high school students and teachers about suicide.  The reasons why Chinese have excessive workloads and how can these problems be reduced inside a country with the highest-suicide rate in the world.

Keywords: Ages 15 to 34, Jumping-off Buildings, Overpopulation, Pressure, Stress, Suicide, the ‘Hukou’ exam, ‘Y’/Millennial Generations