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English Teaching Frameworks to Improve Grade 12 Student’s O-Net Scores From 2008-2020 (Published)

This study aimed to identify the English teaching frameworks used by the English language teachers that helps increase the ONET scores of grade 12 students in the consecutive academic years of 2008 – 2020 at Wat Phrasrimahadhat Secondary Demonstration School, Phranakhon Rajabhat University. The participants were six English teachers teaching Grade 1012 students in different English subjects and worked more than five years. The instrument was the interview finding out the teaching frameworks they used in the classrooms which arranged in April 2021. Case studiesAssistant immigration officer: JohnThe results of the interview were interpreted, categorized and tabulated into the descriptive statistics supporting with the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NIETS)’s statistics that were presented in table and graph. The findings revealed that the English teaching frameworks used from 2008 2020 made students get higher scores in ONET test (at least 1% up) comparing with the average scores of the university demonstration school level.

Keywords: English Subjects, English Teaching Frameworks, The Higher Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET)