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A Legal Review of Asserting Jurisdiction in Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Disputes Adjudication in the European Union (Published)

As electronic-commerce becomes cross-border transaction, Questions about which country’s court has the competent jurisdiction to adjudicate cross border electronic commerce disputes are been asked. Countries need to have the capacity to guarantee the protection of local organizations. Be that as it may, asserting jurisdiction in adjudicating over online business transactions is vital in this protection. Despite the numerous researches on electronic-commerce disputes adjudication, it is interesting to know that there is limited empirical evidence that shows how and why parties choose a particular jurisdiction in an event of a disputes adjudication. This paper critically examines and review the current legal administrative rules and regulations adopted by the European Union in asserting jurisdiction in E-commerce disputes adjudication. It also outlined the shortcoming of the European Union approach and the recommendation on how to evacuate this shortcoming in asserting jurisdiction in cross border E-commerce disputes adjudication.

Keywords: Electronic Commerce, asserting jurisdiction, dispute adjudication, the eu