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The process of rural-urban labor mobility in the region of Elbasan, Albania (Published)

In my choice of realizing this scientific research in the field of rural – urban  migration, I partly ask to wake up  the  academic interest in the study of internal migration in countries which are not much developed. By the difficultieswhich face  the population of Elbasan district on finding a productive employment, it is important to study the characteristics of workers who migrate from rural to urban areas.The Youth in rural areas, where the economic base is largely concentrated in agriculture, they face with the  different problems of employment from those faced by young people in urban areas, where the economic base is more variable. It is also important to examine what strategies follow the young, men and women who live in rural areas where they face with limited economic opportunitiesDo they migrate? What are the strategies of motivation and choice of migration at rural migrants who migrate to urban areas, and also  differentiate themselves these migrants from the rest of those who do not migrate, so stay in the village, and the migrants who choose other destinations to migrate ? What are the mechanisms and networks of migration, for example in terms of origin village , social and family networks, ways of traveling, and the type of migration (temporary, permanent, seasonal, return visits, etc.)? What are the basic demographic characteristics  and socio – economic of employees in rural areas? These are some of the key questions that will be answered in continuation of article.


Keywords: Internal migration, human mobility, the effects of migration