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The Effectiveness of Using Peer and Self-Editing Techniques to Improve Students’ Writing Descriptive Composition (A Study of 3rd Semester Students at the Institute of Bina Sarana Informatika -Fla-Ibsi) Jakarta Indonesia (Published)

The purpose of the research is to know a significant effect of the use of peer and selfediting techniques to improve the students’ writing descriptive composition. This research is an experiment which compares the peer and self-editing techniques of teaching writing of 3rd semester students at the Foreign Language Academy, the Institute of Bina Sarana Informatika (FLA-IBSI). The total samples of this research were 40 students. Each of the experiment and the treatment class is 20 students who were given different treatments, one as a treatment class for a peer editing and the other one as a control class for a self-editing. The research finding is that the students taught by using peer editing technique reached higher improvement than those students taught by using self-editing technique.

Keywords: The effectiveness, peer and self-editing technique, writing skill