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The Socio-Cultural Structure in Ihsan Abdel-Kodous’s I’m Free “Ana Hurrah” and Mona Al-Marshoud’s You Are Mine “Anta Lee”. (Published)

Although You Are Mine “Anta Lee” is the first published novel by Dr. Mona Al-Marshoud, in 2007, it can be considered one of the most crucial and critical novels in modern Saudi Arabian literature. It defines the meanings of love, war, horror, fear, safety; and it signals and documents the different stages of, where we are introduced to a family living in an indefinite place in the Arab world. This family suffers from the bitterness and disasters of wars and its consequences. The events of the novel spread over fifteen years, where people change between the vicissitudes of life. On the other hand, I’m Free written by Ihsan Abdel-Kodous in 1954 depicts the concept of freedom for Arab women in the mid of the twentieth century. In I’m Free, Amina tries to prove that Arab women are capable of and responsible for their freedom; as she tries to avoid being a slave to the obsolete traditions of her society and even mocks them. She lived most of her life neglecting the sovereignty of males over females, but in the end, she finds her freedom with Abbas, the only man whom she loves and respects. Amina (1954) and Raghad (2007) are Middle Eastern ladies who lived in the prison of traditions. They keep asking their selves several questions about their independent entities away from the males. As for Amina, she tries to formulate the right idea about women, though she neglects the traditions of her society. The concept of freedom for women in the Middle East has made them always hesitant about their relationship with men. Sometimes they get very close and other times, women create a kind of distance.

Keywords: Love, anta lee, socio-cultural structure., the Arab world, you are mine