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Social Loafing and Its Counteracting Strategies in Pakistan (Published)

The review looks at task assessment techniques; task outcomes and group structure gem in balancing social loafing. The approach embrace in this paper is to judge the moderate writing that gives well-developed hold to continuation of social loafing event in gatherings and to figure neutralizing from previously mentioned factors. In view of most recent writing novel routes for threatening vibe social loafing is examined. Information was gathered from 200 respondents through self-served polls. The examples comprise of workers of articles of textile industry. Comfort testing strategy was utilized to gather information. Comes about, give definitive report that upgrading assessment show, task outcome and gathering structure were connected with lessened event of social loafing. At gathering level expanded conjunctive task and reward association, heterogeneity and companion assessment increment social loafing while increment in assignment weightiness, content, force, homogeneity, disjunctive and self assessment lessen social loafing and at last increment hierarchical execution. This study generalizes the findings of Khurshid A. et al (2015) in Pakistan.

Keywords: Textile Industry, assessment techniques, group structure, social loafing, task outcomes


Human resource has been realized and validated asset of organization’s survival, growth and excellence. In the modern era, which is considered as the age of human resources, organizations equipped with technology, automation and state of art infra-structures, find themselves helpless and shallow without high value human resource. The globalization is creating significant face up to “Textile Sector” in addition to other businesses in the world. The of HRM is to build up attentive involvement of people in dealings. The stepping up of HR is an effort by rising ethics and maturity in the developing countries. HRM has undergone weirdly odd changes thus making consistent changes imperative in upbringing of HRM in the organizations. This move encompasses mixed collection of labor force, hi-tech growth and globalization which is likely to bring revolution in the temperament of workers. So, there is need to go for momentous work while choosing, recruiting and to train the right people at the right time and at the right places for achievement of organizational goals. HRM not only facilitates but also helps a great deal to take lead over its competitors in the modern era. HRD is the route to boost acquaintance and handiness in a society. Pakistan’s socio-cultural compactness is not a gloomy barrier but mainly unproductive administration showing least concern for others. Unluckily, in Pakistan’s Textile Sector, there are not too many organizations that employ HR appropriately. Pakistan has been facing through great populace rate, low literacy and deprived proficiency in know-how, which has resulted in definite unevenness in the HRD. In Pakistan’s textile a suitable achievement of HR is mandatory to compete globally, to attain state-run objectives and to face inter-continental challenges.

Keywords: Human Resource Development, Policy Analysis, Southern Punjab, Textile Industry