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The Development of Initial Textbook Product of Local Historical Heritage for Class IV Students of Primary School in Raya District of Simalungun, Indonesia (Published)

Material presented contains historical heritage outside the local area (Simalungun District) is that the students in following the effective learning process and students’ knowledge of the existing historical heritage in the local area (Simalungun District) are very low due to the lack of learning resources that can provide explanations. Textbook used as a learning resource in the fourth grade of SD Negeri No. 091317 Pamatang Raya, SD Negeri No. 091341 Bintang Mariah, SD Negeri No. 091332 Raya Bayu, and SD Negeri no. 095160 Sihubu cannot meet the students’ needs in learning the subject matter on the basic competence of “appreciating the historical heritage in the local environment (district/city, province) and preserve it”.

Keywords: Local Heritage, Primary School, Simalungun, Textbook

The Issue of Gender in Elementary Schools’ Hebrew textbooks for the Arab Sector in Israel (Published)

The educational system in the 21st century is still a sociological representative preserving the social and gender structure in society.  The school is a ‘greenhouse’ for strengthening and refinement gender stereotyped identity already in young age, by teaching and imitating the behavior described in the textbooks This article examines the status of women and female students in the Hebrew textbooks in the elementary school studied in the Arab sector in relation to two aspects: the method of teaching of the Hebrew language in the past and in present time, in relation to women’s status. The examination was made by texts and illustrations of textbooks.This study examined the third grade book of ‘Mifgash’ (meetings), it also tested 11 texts in four textbooks from the series of “Ivrit Laderech” (Learning Hebrew) from the third to the sixth grade, in which women have a central leading role.

Keywords: Arab sector, Elementary School, Gender, Hebrew, Textbook, stereotypes

The Treatment of Cultural Content in an Integrated English Course 1 for Chinese College English Majors (Published)

This paper presents a cultural analysis of the textbook “An Integrated English Course 1” that is widely used by college English majors in China. Based on the previous studies on culture teaching and materials evaluation, the paper has examined the textbook and found out that it is aimed at introducing western cultures, especially American culture to Chinese students. Although the textbook has a strong orientation towards American culture in the selecting of texts, it takes an intercultural point of view in the designing of some activities and exercises. The paper emphasizes the intercultural approach to textbook writing and EFL teaching.

Keywords: Culture, Intercultural View, Language Course, Textbook, Treatment.