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Implications of text messaging on students’ language skills: The case of the University of Buea (Published)

This article examines the implications of SMS text messaging on the writing skills of students at the University of Buea. A survey was carried out on students’ of level 500 with the aim of finding what they write in their messages and giving the samples and full forms. It identifies the kind of messages that students write and shows how different they are from the formal contracted forms that are known by writers and linguists. An analysis of the presented forms shows that they are very different from the regular contractions that are known in the English language. Students present what is understood by their readers and friends which is different from Standard English forms. Research carried out also shows that contrary to what many people think SMS texting is not all negative. The phenomenon of SMS texting has a positive side to it as many students today write more than ever before. The paper shows that there is much to achieve with its use than otherwise. This new school of thought is spearheaded by David Crystal (2008) and Baron (2008) who see more positive aspects to SMS text messaging than other linguists and some writers

Keywords: Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Simple message system (SMS), Text messaging