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The Nigeria’s National Anthem: A Text Linguistic Exploration (Published)

Linguists always try to describe the way in which words and sentences are arranged in order to result in a comprehensible text. Analysing text of any kind is a very useful method for the aim of describing language functions. However, a paradigm shift in the study of text, from mere analysis of sentences to the function that each linguistic element performs in contributing to the comprehension of the text, has opened up different research areas in which language facilities can be applied to daily human life and be made to solve notable societal problems. Though some researchers have been able to find out stylistic values in the National Anthems of some nations, this paper focuses on the Nigeria’s National Anthem with the aim of exploring its linguistic elements for optimal understanding and comprehensibility. This is done within the principles of grouping, prominence and cohesion stipulated in an Integrated Theory of Text Linguistics (ITTL) championed by Awoyale (1991). This paper is able to show that each line of the Nigeria’s National Anthem has a relatively emphatic focus promoting and encouraging nationhood. Also, being a genre of poetry the National Anthem is characterised by few words expressing inexhaustible meanings. It also establishes that the structure and functions of language intermingle in a multifaceted context of communication, and validates the expressive and emotive nature of the National Anthem.

Keywords: ITTL., National anthem, Text linguistics