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Assessment of Chemical Composition, Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advance in Tetrapluera Tetraptera Fruits (Published)

Fruits of six genotypes of Tetrapluera tetraptera collected from six States in Southern Nigeria were analyzed for proximate, minerals, vitamins and phytochemical composition. The aims were to determine nutrient composition as well as variations among them, estimate the proportions of heritable and non heritable components, and expected genetic advance. The determinants were replicated 3 times in completely randomized design. Analysis of variance showed that proximate, minerals, vitamins and phytochemical were significant (P< 0.01). The results showed that the fruit is a good source of essential nutrients, minerals (potassium, iron, and calcium), vitamins A, B-complex; C and E. Heritable variations among the genotypes were observed in their ether, protein, crude fibre, potassium and Vitamin A contents. Selection based on these traits could lead to improvement of nutritional and phytochemical composition of T. tetraptera fruits, for more availability and consumption by average Nigerians.

Keywords: Chemical composition., Genetic Advance, Heritability, Tetrapluera Tetraptera Fruits, variability