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Tetrakord Permutation Method for Accelerating Ability to Read Beam Notation (Published)

The ability to read music notation is very important for students in supporting their knowledge, skills and expertise in other musical sciences. So far there has not been applied the use of permutation tetrakord as a first step to reading music notation. In this method each interval change has been mapped in such a way as permutations of one note, two notes, three notes, and four notes. By utilizing a combination of intervals through tetracord permutation it is expected that learners become accustomed to reading, playing, and listening to succession intervals so that it is easy to recognize interval successions contained in various musical works both in visual and auditive forms. Learners are given a theoretical understanding of tetracord permutations followed by reading permutations of tetracords, listening to permutations of tetracords, and replaying the succession of permutation intervals of tetracords dictated audio. At the end of the lesson, the learner is invited to analyze a number of songs to prove that the succession of intervals that have been mapped and learned is evident in the songs.

Keywords: tetrakord; permutation; interval