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An Innovative Flipped English Learning Method with Glove Puppetry (Published)

In recent years flipped learning has become a popular teaching strategy worldwide. Because of rapid progress in technology and the emergence of a global marketplace, many multimedia tools are used to accelerate learning and enhance English fluency. To help students learn English, this study developed an innovative flipped English learning method using glove puppetry based on a popular Taiwanese tradition. The study’s subject is a series of albums for glove puppetry named “Universal Mystery and Dust” (Hwang, 1998). Observation research was conducted to record and code data analysis. Two patterns of dubbing in English with glove puppetry were categorized, four types of role-play identified, and all are explained in detail. The results show the many benefits of teaching with this method as well as the difficulties some students face. The effect of flipped learning is discussed, and practical suggestions proposed.

Keywords: Adult language education, Innovative English learning, Role Play, TESOL for lifelong education