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Tertiary School Enrolment in Nigeria: Implication for National Development (Published)

The paper evaluates tertiary school enrolment in Nigeria: Implication for national development. The main aim of the paper is to assess the effect of tertiary school enrolment on economic growth in Nigeria.  It is equally discovered that while tertiary enrolment is nominally increasing, in real terms, it is abysmally nose-diving. The analyses used for the study include the Ordinary Least Square estimation techniques, unit root test, co-integration test and the variance decomposition test to analyze the empirical model of the study. The findings of the empirical investigation confirm that tertiary enrolment is veritable tools through which appreciable economic growth can be enhanced in Nigeria. The study equally observed that tertiary school enrolment and government recurrent expenditures are statistically significant in explaining growth in the Nigerian economy. The paper therefore recommends among others that government should as a matter of urgency give immediate employment to all NCE graduate, this will encourage and increase the number of people seeking enrolment in the colleges

Keywords: Government Expenditure, National Development, capital expenditures, economic growth, recurrent expenditures, tertiary enrolment