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The State of Reading in Tertiary Institutions: A Pragmatic Analysis of a Ghanaian University (Published)

Positive attitude towards learning, ability to independently think and work, ability to inquire, good command over English language are often considered characteristics of a tertiary education student. To excel, the student must be able to read and make meaning out of what is read as reading underlies all forms of academic study and is crucial to academic success (Grabe, 2009). This study investigated the state of reading among tertiary education students. The sequential explanatory mixed method design was employed for the study. Systematic and convenient sampling techniques were used to sample 1169 students from which data was sought through the use of questionnaire and observation check list. Data was analysed using both descriptive (frequency counts, means and standard deviation) and inferential (t-test and ANOVA) statistics. The study findings indicated the existence of poor reading attitude among tertiary education students as the reading culture of majority of the students was the reading of their course materials only. To improve reading habits among tertiary students, recommendations provided include: sensitization of lecturers and students, giving tasks that require students to read beyond their course materials and presentation of greater sections of courses through individual and group presentation to enhance their development of good and critical reading skills and ensure improvement in their reading habits.

Shine Lillian Gifty Agbevivi (2022) The State of Reading in Tertiary Institutions: A Pragmatic Analysis of a Ghanaian University, International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.10, No.5, pp.,12-29

Keywords: Reading, Reading Habits, reading attitude, reading culture, tertiary education students.