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The Nigerian Government has enjoyed cordial relationship with the government of the United States over the years especially given the former’s quantum of oil deposit and the latter’s access to exploiting same. However, the emergence of Boko Haram insurgence has been a source of concern to both countries especially as it portends danger to their interests. Despite the efforts of both countries in finding a lasting solution to the problem, the desired result is yet to be attained. In view of this, the study examined the effectiveness of the US security strategies in assisting Nigeria overcome the crisis of Boko Haram. Intractable conflict theory was adopted in arguing that it would be difficult to resolve the crisis of Boko Haram but it can, at least, be managed if proper strategies are put in place. Finally, the work discovered that in line with American foreign policy of zero tolerance to international terrorism, its strategies in assisting Nigeria overcome Boko Haram crisis have not been very effective.

Keywords: Boko Haram, Crisis, Management, Security, Strategy, Terrorism

Africa and the Ressurgence of Terrorism: Revisiting the Fundamentals (Published)

The rise of terrorism in Africa is as a result of the instability, crisis, precarious situations and quagmires among others which are on top notch. These problems, though complex and disturbing, had followed a particular trend in term of terrorism with the rise of insurgents’ as Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas and Hezbollah in various states in Africa. Solutions that have been propounded to the issues on terrorism and how to stop the insurgency have failed. The negativism and inherent political intrigues in solution findings towards resolving the terrorist question are but obvious. Thus, the bombing of the US Embassy in Kenya in 1998, the Bombing of the United Nations Headquarters, Abuja, 2009 have therefore brought terrorism to the highest rung of the ladder. Therefore, this paper therefore seeks to revisit the concept of terrorism in light of the terrorist groups in Nigeria, Mali and Kenya and also revisit the fundamentals which have been ignored by the agencies set up to curb the stigma of terrorism as well as propound strategies for covering terrorism.

Keywords: Instability and Insurgency, Negativism, Political Intrigues, Terrorism

The Impact of International Organized Crime and Criminalized States In Africa: A Global Threat To National Security (Review Completed - Accepted)

This paper provides an overview with regards to the influx of organized crime in Africa. Over time, international organized crime has evolved and thrived in major continents of the world, Africa for one of which the spread of drug trafficking (cocaine, heroin and the likes), human trafficking, diamond trade and its link with the financing of terrorism etc. is prominent. This paper will examine the development of organized crime in Africa, the political, social and economic conditions that encouraged the growth of this phenomenon, the role of the government and law enforcement agencies in curbing this phenomenon and in particular major forms of organized crime in Africa. This will create an avenue for further research in the near future.

Keywords: Diamond Trade, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, International Organized Crime, Terrorism

Terrorism and the Challenge of National Development: Rethinking the Nigerian Dilemma (Review Completed - Accepted)

Terrorism in whatever dimension poses threat and insecurities to human existence in regards to which defenseless nations live in perpetual fears and anxiety. Knowing full well that Security is presently a major challenge in Nigeria and Nigerians are killed on daily basis and in their numbers. Though the government claims to be on top of the situation, the problem persists. The effects of these acts of terrorism are the threats they posed to national security, peace, unity and development of the country. This paper examines Terrorism and the Challenge of National Development, rethinking the Nigerian Dilemma. It provides a basic discourse on the concept of terrorism and national development while focusing on basic issues such on the development perspective. It also analyzes the implications of terrorism which range from economic crises to political instability. This paper observes that there is a negative relationship between terrorism and development in accordance with literature and hence recommends that the government should take the business of addressing issues of terrorism as priority one on the agenda.

Keywords: Dilemma, National Development, National Security, Political Instability, Terrorism, Underdevelopment

Boko Haram: A Religious Sect or Terrorist Organization (Published)

Terrorism is a globalized phenomenon confronting the international community. It has grown both in strength and trend and its impact felt in different parts of the world including Africa. This impact has lately been felt in northern Nigeria due to the activities of Boko Haram creating growing concern with the level of loss of lives recorded. In Nigeria, the group is usually referred to as a religious sect partly due to uncertainty as to its classification or designation or fear the group has created. When for example, President Obama referred to the group as a terrorist organization, President Jonathan countered his statement by saying its members are not terrorists. The media too refer to the group as a sect probably due to fear especially with the killing of a Television reporter and bombing of media houses. Boko Haram at inception was an Islamic group. With time, it became a sect due to its own beliefs or practices which has separated it from pure Islam. This paper believes that the group at birth in 2001 was a religious sect but has over time, graduated into a terrorist organization especially with its adoption and use of terror tactics. This paper examines the term terrorism and the various tactics employed by terrorist’s organizations worldwide. It will consequently, do a comparative analysis between Boko Haram and well known terrorist organizations in terms of motivation, ideology, existence, grievances, tactics employed to address grievances etc. for proper classification as a terrorist organization, an international one or local terrorist organization. The paper will then attempt to suggest ways by which their activities can be curtailed and eliminated.

Keywords: Boko Haram, Karijee Jihadists, Rogue Actors, Spherical Earth, Terrorism