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Major Threats to Pakistan from Afghanistan (Published)

Pakistan and Afghanistan share same culture, religion and history, but the main issue of fight between them is Durand Line. The rise in the terrorist attacks has destroyed friendly relations between them. After the Cold war, Afghanistan became a serious threat to Pakistan and when the USA attacked Afghanistan for swiping away the Taliban regime, this threat increased many times. After the incident of 9/11, the NATO forces forced Pakistan to become their ally in the War. Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) became home of militants because of the low security of the Pak –Afghan border which resulted in increased militancy in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa(KP).The increase in the terrorist attacks in the region has not only raised the death ratio but also damaged the infrastructure and economy of  FATA and KP particularly.At the end of 2014, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan did not completely suppress Afghanistan’s Taliban. It also encouraged Pakistan Taliban to control the Pakistan government in the same way. Pakistan should establish a friendly relationship with Afghanistan. This is not only conducive to the stability of the internal situation in Pakistan, but also to the improvement of bilateral relations with India. As a result, it will be easy to visit the Central Asian republic, and China will be more conducive to Pakistan in this respect.

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The Terror – Myth of Robert Frost’s Poetry – A Brain Strain (Published)

This piece of writing analyzes the fear element in Robert Frost poetry.  He very sublimely strikes terror in himself as well as in the readers. Full of Keatsean “negative capability” Frost’s characters augment the settings of uncertainty, dark mysteries and doubts. His characters reflect about moral and metaphysical quest in domestic as well as pastoral locales. There is stunning sublimity in all of his poems, rendering deeper insights into them. The pastoral phenomenon leaves indelible impressions of elevated passions. Readers, through mythological subject matter, are engrossed in his “ulterior meanings.” Specifically, presence of death in Frost’s poems strikes the reader with awe and fear. Deep underlying tones, exhibit dark niches which lay hidden if read cursory. While reading his poems we are stunned by magical influence of something lurking in and outside of the settings, giving an impression of predatorily being watched.  By going through some of his famous poems this paper strives to bring out terror myth. Which otherwise makes Frost – poetry a lovable touch of nature.  We know the woods, we know the surroundings still there is an aura of uncertainty, that universal “fear of the unknown”, “gradually moving towards end”, and yet the paths are too familiarly clandestine. Despite dark despotism we have something very refreshing too, that brings us to reality.

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