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Factors Influencing Tendering Process in Public Sector: A Case of Medical Store Department (Msd), Dar Es Salaam Zone (Published)

The purpose of study was to investigate factors influencing tendering process in public sector in Tanzania. The study intended to find out the influence of training, ethical practices and ICT usage on tendering process at Medical Store Department. The study employed case study design whereby purposive and convenience sampling techniques were applied to select sample of 40 respondents from MSD. Both primary data and secondary data were employed whereby data were analyzed through qualitative and quantitative approaches. The study revealed that in regards to tendering process only procurement staffs attend training. The study further showed that, staff attends training less frequently. It was found that, there are unethical practices found in procurement function. The study further observed that, the rate of favouritism in tendering process at MSD as well as tribalism in tendering process at MSD is very low. It was reported that, MSD has well developed ICT infrastructure that supports tendering process and at large extent. The study concludes that training, ethical issues and ICT usage have significant impact in influencing tendering process at MSD. However, attending of training at less frequently could affect tendering process because training is very important as it ensures that the staffs are not left with changes that happen in the system. The study recommends that, despite the fact that unethical issues are not highly exercised at MSD, much efforts should be taken into consideration to prevent unethical practices at large because there is high influence of unethical practice in tendering process in most of public institutions in Tanzania.

Keywords: Factors, Public Sector, Tendering Process