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Automated Cricket News Generation in SRI Lankan Style Using Natural Language Generation (Published)

Cricket is one of the most followed sports in South Asia. There is a wide requirement for news to get produced within a short period after the cricket match. Within Sri Lankan publishing this news article is a manual process and needs journalists with domain and language competencies. Most of the time it is not possible for sport journalists to focus on in-depth reporting due to time and cost constraints. Therefore, automated process would be efficient and cost effective. As a solution, an Automatic Cricket News Generation System is presented through this research and how a template based natural language generation is utilized in implementing such system and its suitability are demonstrated. The scorecard is used as the main input for this system which could generate a journalistic summary in Sri Lankan style and this implementation is based on pipeline approach in NLG. Furthermore, it also focuses on the variation of the output generated via the system which is not much typically be in use in template-based NLG systems.

Keywords: NLG, Pipeline approach in NLG, Template-based NLG