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Effect of Drug Abuse on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Nigeria (Published)

This paper examines the effect of drug abuse on academic performance of secondary school students in Nigeria. However, drug abuse is rampant among the teenagers because of their ignorance they do not understand the effect and repercussion of drug addicts. Moreover, many students acquired it through their friend’s influence, experimental curiosity, personal problems due to socio background conditions while many need it for energy to work for long hours. Similarly, some need drugs to prevent the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms e.t.c In addition, students lure to abuse the following drugs such Alcohol, cocaine, Nicotine and Phencyclidine e.t.c but all these drugs have negative effect in the body. For instance, many students find it cumbersome to read and even it kills their moral of reading culture. Consequence, after they have taken the drugs many students behave abnormally while other fall sick bases on their body system even it affects their ability of reasoning   all these problems contributed to their reading culture and many students failed honorably in public examination such WAEC, NECO and other external examinations yearly in Nigeria. Therefore, parents, teachers and Ministry education neither federal and state must contribute positively to reduce uses of the drugs among of teenagers in private and public secondary schools in Nigeria.

Keywords: Academic, Culture, Drug Abuse, Performance, Student, Symptoms, Teenagers, abnormally, cocaine, cumbersome, external. examination, public

Social Media; Negative Effect on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students In Nigeria (Published)

Citation: Adeniyi   Adewale   Ojo  (2022) Social   Media; Negative   Effect   on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students   In   Nigeria, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 3, pp., 126-131

Abstract: Obviously, it is common among the secondary school students in Nigeria that they lure of using social media as mode of communication and interaction among themselves. However, these social media such as Facebook, and Twitter and so on are using negatively and inappropriate to the levels in which they cannot benefit from it. In addition, many students of secondary schools in Nigeria today acquired antisocial behaviours such as fraudulent habit  and other bad characters which peculiar in social media  while  thousands  the of students in our country   podcasting their reading culture because   they are spending  much  time on the social media. Similarly, social media affect the reading culture of many secondary students in Nigeria because they prefer to spend many hours on the social media than to read their books.  Yet,  the incident of yahoo  rampant in rural , urban  and Riverine  area  in  Nigeria while teenagers  believe that it is  short cut  for them to become millions over night . Meanwhile , this  has been  generated to  famous  calamity  among  secondary  school  students in our  country.  

Keywords: Academic, Culture, Negative effect, Performance, School, Social media, Students, Teenagers, anti- social, behaviours

Bilingualism in the Teenage Years: Lexical juggling in bilingual memory as evidenced by negative and positive priming effects (Published)

The present experiments studied teenage bilinguals to advance the literature on the nature of bilingual lexical selection and representation using negative and positive priming manipulations. Our unilingual experiment showed positive priming effects in the attended repetition condition where the prime and probe target words were the same, whereas negative priming effects were found on trials where the prime distractor word matched the probe target. In the cross-language experiment, the ignored repetition negative priming effect subsisted across-languages, but cross-language attended repetition positive priming effect did not. We further tested the impact of second language proficiency on the cross-language manipulations but found no interaction between priming effects and second language proficiency. Our results corroborate the argument that the languages of the bilingual are stored and accessed together (Neumann et al., 1999), and that inhibitory control is the system that regulates bilingual language use. However, contrary to previous studies (eg., Nkrumah & Neumann, 2017) second language proficiency played no role in modulating the two automatic sources of inhibition.

Citation: Ivy Kesewaa Nkrumah, Mark Owusu Amponsah, Koawo Edjah, Eunice Torto-Seidu (2021) Bilingualism in the teenage years: lexical juggling in bilingual memory as evidenced by negative and positive priming effects, British Journal of Psychology Research, Vol.9, No.2, pp. 1-19


Keywords: Bilinguals, Teenagers, lexical decision task, negative priming

Knowledge on Prevention of Human Papiloma Viruses in Adolescents of the City of Mexico, 2020 (Published)

In the 2019, health is a mix of interactions between economic, biological, ethnographic, cultural and social processes, elements that have determined an integral development. Meanwhile, in the not health process it is been associated with multiple contributions related to the style, conditions and way of life of each individual and population. The prolongation of life is a consequence of global scientific development together with state, social and cultural measures that have allowed an increase in life expectancy. This investigation article is based on findings that were related to a group of adolescents and young people from Mexico City, which describe the little knowledge they have about the Human Papillomavirus and the development of Cervical Cancer, it was also identified that the population under study presents high risk behaviors, which highlights the importance of integrating effective prevention actions.

Keywords: Factors, Knowledge, Risk, Teenagers, human papillomavirus

Impact Assessment of Western Films on Teenagers and the Question of Cultural Promotion in African Society (Published)

This study examines the impact of western films on teenagers as it affects the promotion of cultural heritage in African society. Much after the independence across African continent, one of the major preoccupations African leaders had to contend with is the restoration of African cultures in their pristine forms which were arguably polluted or collapsed by the colonial masters during their reign. No doubt, teenagers and youth generally, are vital segment of the society who could be instrumental promoting African cultures. But unfortunately, the mentality and lifestyle of the teenagers in African societies have been grossly affected by exposure to western films to such an extent that rather than promoting African cultures, they have become hardened acolytes and promoters of western cultures. The study therefore examines this situation with particular reference to Nigeria adopting both qualitative and quantitative research methods and at the end find out that western films exert great impact on the teenagers in Nigerian society thereby creating cultural gap to the native cultures. The study then concludes by prescribing way forward towards the restoration and promotion of African cultures as it affects teenagers with particular reference to Nigerian society.

Keywords: African Society, Impact Assessment, Teenagers, cultural promotion, western films


The onus of this thesis hung on ascertaining Hollywood imperialism on the behavioral pattern of teenagers in Calabar-South Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. A multicultural milieu atomized as Efik, Efut and Ejagham clans. Pigeon English and Efik are their diglossia. An area intimately stigmatized by an obnoxious phobia. This study was between June 2013 and November, 2013; and it uncovered the root causes of these attritions. Here, the Social Cognitive Theory, created a paradigm shift from a humble African belief to the polemics of Hollywood imperialism, experimented on 200 teenagers of age bracket 12 to 25 years as sample male and female. A survey method questionnaire titled ‘Individual Experience Questionnaire’ (IEQ) was used for data collection. Using statistics, it was revealed that: (i) 55.8% acculturated Hollywood movies influenced teenagers’ aggressive behaviour. It unveiled the presence of different secret cults, emanating from popular Western cultures. Within this precinct, these cult groups meted mayhems: prostitution, child abandonment and other nefarious threats, mostly perpetrated by primary and secondary schools’ dropouts, broken homes and poor parental care as authenticated by personal interviews. (ii) 97.5% posited that Hollywood movies do not depict Nigerian trado-cultural hegemony; thus leading to a shift from indigenous to alienists’ culture instead of mummifying the unique ‘Africanism.’ While concluding that Hollywood imperialism has caused a shift in youth behavioral paradigm in Calabar-South, it was recommended amongst others that Government (through FVCB) should enhance a curtail of Hollywood  film shows while adopting/encouraging philanthropic youth based projects such as the Obioma Liyel Imoke’s Destiny Child Centre and Mothers Against Child Abandonment.

Keywords: Calabar-South, Hollywood, Imperialism, Pro-social behaviour, Score sheet, Teenagers