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Emphasis Related Capstone Class: The Use of Real-Life Experience to Enhance Workforce Readiness (Published)

Preparing students for the workforce is one of the most important priorities in the education sector. The needs of industry are constantly changing and educators strive to find the best way to meet these needs. Providing a culminating experience in classroom settings is one strategy that allows students to apply the knowledge that they gained throughout their undergraduate coursework. This paper explains these efforts to develop a high-impact senior capstone course for Engineering Technology related majors. This research aims to explain a proven strategy for teaching this course after its two-year pilot phase. The course was created to address concerns of industry. The creation of an industrial environment in the classroom helps prepare students for the real world of work. This research is based on a course titled “Emphasis Related Capstone” (ERC), which is offered at Bemidji State University. The ERC course centers on product design and development and is used to prepare students for future careers. Steps for designing the capstone course are shared in this paper. Multidisciplinary teams (e.g. electrical manufacturing, design, project management) were formed to achieve deliverable outcomes. Examples of manufacturing projects conducted in the capstone course are also provided and instructors’ responsibilities for teaching capstone courses summarized. In addition, a grading strategy for such capstone courses is provided.


Keywords: Applied Project Management, Capstone Course, Case Study, Product development, Technology Management, Workforce Readiness

Supportive Relationship Behaviour Management by Supportive Style Consultant (Published)

A discussion about a review on supportive style consultant human ware in workplace has received relatively little attention from organizational technologic researchers. The first of the themes to be addressed concerns the relationship between emotion and rationality. There has been a long-standing bifurcation between the two with emotions labelled in pejorative terms and devalued in matters concerning the workplace. The form and structure of an organization’s human resources system can affect employee motivation levels in several ways. Organizations can adopt various supportive style consultant human ware empowerment practices to enhance employee satisfaction. This paper considers the supportive style consultant. The strategic importance of workers is discussed and their interaction, as an asset, with other important organization assets. The basic methodologies for workers are then explained and their limitations are considered. The supportive style consultant revolution moves recording and analysis activities that were traditionally professional performance lines of activities focused to high operational content. The scientific and supportive style consultant progress, growth and internationalization of markets, processors are processes in which the accounting profession plays a leading role of supportive style consultant.

Keywords: Supportive Style Consultant Human Ware, Technology Factor, Technology Management