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Review Paper on Validation of Medical Image Devices for Detection and Diagnosis of Various Diseases by Using Soft Computing Tools (Published)

The imagining technologies employ conventional projection radiography, computed tomography, MRI, Ultrasonography etc. Image processing techniques play a crucial role in clinical studies of different diseases. Current manual methods of measurement are laborious and subjective. Our purpose is to expedite clinical research with an accurate, reliable and intelligent digital image processing method. Medical imagining research will investigates new modalities and improvements to existing ones for clinical diagnosis. The objective of the present research work is to develop intelligent interpretation using different approach for Improving the quality of imaging device and quantative image analysis to provide a guide for clinicians to improve the quality of diagnosis and increase therapy success by early detection of diseases.It is very essential to hv good quality of images in this regard this work will make attempt to develop various techniques.

Keywords: Imaging Device and Quality, Imagining, Technology Interpretation