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Examining Faculty Perceptions of Blackboard by Using the Technology Acceptance Model (Published)

This study aims to investigate faculty perceptions of blackboard usage, utilizing Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as its theoretical basis. The TAM questionnaire was administered to a sample of faculty members in the Faculty of Education at Najran University, after modifying the items to be suitable to Saudi Arabia society. This questionnaire measures three hypothesized constructs of e-learning: perceived usefulness of the blackboard, and usage of the blackboard. The findings of the study showing faculty members’ Perceived Ease of Use having significant on their perceptions about usefulness and attitudes towards us of the blackboard in teaching. Although there are many more questions than answers regarding teaching with Blackboard as learning management system, it is hoped that these results and experiences may encourage further pedagogical dialogue, and empirical results about how to deliver and organize courses in this technological environment effectively and successfully. 

Keywords: E-learning, Technology Acceptance Model (ATM), blackboard