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Influence of Characteristics and Perception on Usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) By Selected Extension Agents in Northern Nigeria (Published)

This paper presents the results of investigation into the influence of the perception of Village Extension Agents (VEAs)’ on usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in three selected States Agricultural Development Projects (ADPs) of Nigeria. Two hundred and four (204) VEAs were sampled as respondents for the study. With aid of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) the data were analyzed and the descriptive statistics were used to present the results. Results of Multiple Linear Regression analysis revealed that usage of ICT was statistically and positively significant on: income (0.039*), sex (0.007**), accessibility to ICT (0.000***) and perception on custom/tradition (0.021*) and perception on availability of infrastructural facilities (0.047*). These variables, by implication, are factors that influenced the usage of ICT by the VEAs in the study areas.

Keywords: Agriculture, Perception, extension, extension agents, technologies and communication