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Pedagogical, Technical and Social Affordance of Moodle Usage during the Covid-19 Era: Senior High School Teachers Perspective (Published)

The main purpose of the study was to investigate the pedagogical, technical, and social affordance of Moodle usage during the COVID-19 era with the focus on Senior High School teachers in the Greater Accra Region. The positivist research paradigm and quasi-experimental research design was adopted for the study. The purposive sampling procedure was used to sample 200 respondents for the study. The Cronbach alpha value of 0.89 was obtained on the structured questionnaire. Among the three affordances (pedagogical, technical, and social) of Moodle usage, the findings of the study revealed that there was no statistically significant influence of SHS teacher’s pedagogical affordance on Moodle usage in the Greater Accra region. Moreover, the findings showed a statistical significance influence on SHS teacher technical affordance and social affordance respectively. It is recommended that frequent in-service training and refresher courses on the pedagogical aspect of the Moodle platform should be organized for SHS teacher to enable them gain mastery and competencies in the pedagogical aspect of Moodle usage.

Keywords: Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), moodle, pedagogical affordance, social affordance, social constructivist, technical affordance