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Investigation of Students’ Attitudes about the Status of the Payame Noor University (Case Study: Saghez Branch) (Published)

The Payame Noor University (PNU), by breaking the barrier of Konkoor(University entrance examination) has faced with a rising trend of the students being admitted. The ever increasing trend of the students in current situation has made significant the necessity of the scientific structure of the university. The aim of the present research was to investigate the status of the Payame Noor University,  Saghez  branch from the view of the students studying at the university. Also, based on a theoretical framework and literature review, some elements of teaching staff, tutorial and self –learning books , examinations, class timelines , textbooks hours, library , electronic equipment , physical space and welfare facilities are investigated . After analyzing the data and concluding results, some recommendations are resented for the scientific promotion of the university.

Keywords: Electronic Equipment, Payame Noor, Saghez, Student, Tutorial Books, teaching staff

The Effect of Motivation on the Performance of Teaching Staff in Ghanaian Polytechnics: The Moderating Role of Education and Research Experience (Published)

Motivation has been empirically confirmed to be a major driver of employee performance. This paper assesses the effect of motivation on the performance of teaching staff of Ghanaian polytechnics, with the moderating role of research experience and highest education attained captured. A quantitative research technique is employed in this study. The target population of the study was teaching staff who had taught in Ghanaian polytechnics for at least 2 years, had a minimum of a second degree, and had some level of research experience. Simple and stratified sampling procedures were used to select 465 respondents. The study confirms a significant positive correlation between motivation and performance among teaching staff of Ghanaian polytechnics, r (408) = .892, p < .05. In this respect, motivation accounts for 79.5% of the variation in performance. Moreover, highest education attained and the research experience of teaching staff influence both motivation and performance. This means that teaching staff of polytechnics in Ghana can maximise their motivation and performance by improving their education and research experience.

Keywords: Education, Motivation, Performance, Polytechnics, higher educational institutions, research experience, teaching staff