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A study of the implementation of the improvised single camera microteaching programme at the University of Port Harcourt (Published)

Citation: Agwu, Christopher Okechikwu and Iderima, E. Chris (2022) A study of the implementation of the improvised single camera microteaching programme at the University of Port Harcourt, European Journal of Training and Development Studies, Vol.9 No.2, pp.1-10

Abstract: This study sought to develop a model of improvised microteaching technology that can be deployed for the success of teacher education programmes in moments of fiscal deficit and equipment down time. Using a single video camera to improvise a video technology based microteaching laboratory, the study analysed the impact of video feedback on trainee teachers self confidence, quality of voice level in delivery of instruction, overall improvement of teaching skills and the inherent challenges. The study revealed that the improvised single camera model of microteaching is less technology intensive, cost effective, and a result oriented model of microteaching programme. With the challenge of high waiting time resulting from the use of one camera and the need for alternative source of electricity supply, it is recommended that the model be applied in the teacher education institutions with proper planning.

Keywords: Feedback, Improvisation, Teaching Skills, microteaching, video technology

Effective Teaching of the English Language in Multicultural L2 Classrooms: The Nigerian Perspective (Published)

Effective teaching demands that we use all the facts available to us to impact knowledge. In Nigeria where the English Language is essentially a second language, effective teaching seeks to incorporate all tools and practices that assist the English Language learner in an L2 multicultural classroom. Effective teaching in an L2 setting seeks to promote learning skills that will be of benefit to learners from diverse cultural backgrounds. The paper identifies a number of issues related to effective teaching in multicultural L2 classrooms. It addresses barriers to effective learning in an L2 classroom, the potential challenges to teaching and provides diverse strategies that may improve teaching and learning in this context. In the end, the paper outlines the processes for improving the effectiveness and quality of teaching and learning the English Language. The argument is that multiculturalism improves teaching, teaching skills and learning abilities. Therefore, the paper highlights core considerations for analyzing the challenges faced by teachers and learners, and finally, recommends some directions to embrace the challenges.

Keywords: Challenges, L2 Classrooms, Multiculturalism, Second Language, Teaching Skills, effective teaching., improved Teaching