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A review of the literature on community of inquiry model (Published)

The use of computers in education is growing fast day by day in the whole world but the quality and its outcomes are not given the proper and needed consideration. In the year 2000 Garrison, Anderson and Archer introduced a conceptual framework in order to find a remedy to reduce these gaps and their work has become the most referenced framework of study in online education so far. According to them, very satisfactory education takes place within a community of inquiry which is consisted with teachers and students and they assume the education takes place as a result of interaction among social, cognitive and teaching presence (Garrison, Anderson and Archher, 2000). There are both pros and cons of this particular model. The purpose of the current study is to critically analyze the learning in community of inquiry. It is highly recommended that much more research should be done on this framework to clarify the mounting body of disconfirming evidence.

Keywords: CoI, Cognitive presence, Social presence, Teaching presence, online learning