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Empathy as a Peace Negotiation Strategy in an English Language Classroom: The Case of some Secondary Schools in Maroua (Published)

This paper investigates Empathic Teaching Practices by English Language teachers during their English language classes as a strategy to achieve better teaching goals thereby negotiating peace within them and enhancing development in their students. Using well-known principles of Rogers’ client-cantered therapy as theoretical framework, a questionnaire was designed and administered to some 19 English Language teachers from two secondary schools in Maroua to illicit data which later generated discussion on the subject matter. Findings revealed teachers lack of knowledge on empathy and differentiation. Further findings depicted English Language teachers lack of cognitive knowhow of the various background and deficits of learners they have in class and thus fail to constantly adopt empathic strategies that include all category of learners when planning language lessons, designing and developing classroom materials and assessment tasks and thus responsible for underachievement in language teaching and antagonism in the language classroom.

Keywords: Differentiation, Empathy, impaired learners, peace negotiation., teaching goals