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Effectiveness of Digital Games in Students’ Vocabulary (Published)

Citation: Kissy Kyle Sagubay Lozarito and Ma. Vivienne J. Segumpan (2022) Effectiveness of Digital Games in Students’ Vocabulary,¬† ¬†International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.10, No.3, pp., 8-14

Abstract: Vocabulary is a crucial element in language learning. It has a vital role in building communication. Learning vocabulary is challenging. However, some strategies would help, like digital games. This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of Digital vocabulary games in developing vocabulary level and attitude among 30 grade 8 learners of Dagatkidavao Integrated School. The vocabulary level of the respondents was identified using a 50-item test, while learners’ attitude towards vocabulary learning was determined through a 20- item Likert scale questionnaire adapted from Gimolatan (2016). Descriptive statistics such as mean and mean percentage was used to determine learners’ vocabulary level, attitude towards vocabulary learning, experts’ assessment, and learners’ perception after using Digital vocabulary games. On the other hand, paired sample t-test was used to determine the significant difference in the vocabulary level and attitude of the learners before and after the intervention. Moreover, an Independent t-test was utilized to identify the significant difference in learners’ post-tests when grouped according to their attitude. Results showed that the participants improved their vocabulary level and attitude towards vocabulary learning after the intervention. Moreover, the increase in vocabulary level, attitude, and difference in the post-test scores when grouped according to their attitude was statistically significant. Thus, Digital vocabulary games effectively improved the learners’ vocabulary level and enhanced their attitude towards vocabulary learning. Furthermore, the experts and learners find the material ready to be utilized and develop learners’ vocabulary level. Hence, educators and school administrators are encouraged to incorporate digital games in the teaching and learning process, explicitly enhancing learners’ vocabulary levels. Keywords: digital vocabulary game, attitude, vocabulary level.

Keywords: ADDI for vocabulary GBL, Teaching during the pandemic, vocabulary problems