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Exploring the problems faced by the teachers in developing English writing skills for the students in Saudi Arabia. (Published)

Teaching one of the productive skills of the English language i.e., writing skills mostly involve developing the linguistic competence of the students which many Enlish Second Langauge teachers may perceive as a challenging task. The main aim of the study is to look into various challenges encountered by Enlish Second Langauge teachers in teaching writing skills to students in ordinary classrooms in the context of universities. Specifically, this research focuses on identifying the problems faced by teachers of the Arts Colleges within the University of Jazan context. The researcher employed a survey method in the form of questionnaires to investigate the problems faced by the teachers when teaching writing skills. To report the problems identified among the sampled teachers in teaching writing skills, the researcher employed a descriptive method. The questionnaire contained 12 items. The findings of this research did not only reveals the problematic factors, but also proposed some practical measures to help address the situation. The findings along with recommendations of this study may help the teachers reflect on teaching practices and the concerned authorities to facilitate teachers’ efforts to improve the writing skills of their students in the University of Jazan.

Keywords: Writing Skills, government intervention, teachers’ problems