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Incorporation of Blended Learning Classroom after Corona-Pandemic in the Public Universities of Bangladesh: Potentials, Challenges and Probable Solutions (Published)

Integrating internet and technology based learning education is a demand of modern age. We cannot deny the significance of traditional text book based classroom learning. But as per the demand of modern times or after pandemic period, incorporation of blended learning in education and its vast necessity is really inevitable. This article attempts to trace the potentials of incorporating the blended learning classroom after corona virus situation in the public universities of Bangladesh as well as tries to seek the related challenges and proposes probable suggestions. As we see during pandemic, a large number of students of many public universities are encountering numerous impediments to accelerate their studies. It is a very thought-provoking phenomenon at present how the education system can keep its continuation properly amidst corona-pandemic situation. To carry on the study, the researchers reached 50 students and 12 teachers from 6 public universities in Bangladesh through providing questionnaire. Based on the feedbacks of the interviewees, data are analyzed and explained in a descriptive manner. Finally the researchers try to put some suggestions to assist the educational think-tanks about the importance and recent relevance of incorporating blended learning after corona-pandemic in the public universities of Bangladesh.

Keywords: Challenges, Potentials, blended learning, incorporation, students success, teachers benefits