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Teacher’s Ability to Manage Civics Education Guided on Inquiry Learning Improving Student Ability at Grade V in Primary School No 030293, Lae Hole Dairi, Indonesia (Published)

Guided inquiry learning model is a learning model that most of the planning arranged by the teacher and students are given guidance in the form of steering questions so that they can guide them in solving problems. Students’ activities in the guided inquiry learning model are emphasized by the discussion related to the steering questions given by the teacher. This steering question is needed so that students can understand the problems raised, formulate hypotheses, assemble experiments, analyze data and make conclusions from the learning done. The ability of teachers to manage learning using guided inquiry learning after passing the trial, the value of the teacher’s ability to manage learning is at the limit of successful learning including the very good category, namely the application of learning is achieved if SR ≥ 80% is 96%.

Keywords: Ability, Civics Education, Inquiry Learning, Teacher’s Ability