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Teaching Speaking Skill to EFL College Students through Task-based Approach: Problems and Improvement (Published)

This study aimed at exploring Yemeni EFL students’ perceived problems of speaking and enhancing their speaking performance using task-based instruction strategy. It followed a quasi-experimental research design to check the degree of enhancement in the students’ speaking skills, and a qualitative design to check students’ problems in speaking. To ensure effective use of strategic teaching, the researchers considered students’ needs and motivation by involving them in an interview about the problems they face when communicating in English. Non-probabilistic convenience sampling was used in the present study. The sample consisted of 20 first-year college students at Socotra Faculty of Education, Hadhramout University, Yemen, in the academic year of 2018-2019. The findings revealed that students face many speaking problems pertaining to knowledge of phonology, vocabulary, grammar and problems of sustaining the oral interaction, as well as psychology -related problems. The analysis of data collected, using paired sample t-test, indicates a significant improvement has taken place in students’ speaking skill compared to the pre-test and the post-test performance with t-value of 5.349 and p. value =.000,<. 0.005, with effect size of (ES = .53). Based on the findings, the study recommends that EFL teachers focus on the problems reported by students whenever they want to develop their students’ communicative competence.


Keywords: Communicative Competence, EFL Learners’, learners' expectations, speaking problems, task-based instruction, teaching speaking

The Effect of a Task-Based Instructional Program on Improving Al Al-Bayt Univerity Students’ English Speaking Skill of Accuracy (Published)

This study investigates the effect of a Task-Based Instructional (TBI) program on improving Al al-Bayt University students’ English speaking skill of accuracy. A sample of 64 students was divided into three groups: a pilot study group, a control group and an experimental group. The experimental group was taught for eight weeks using the suggested TBI speaking program. The control group was taught for eight weeks using the teacher’s book. To assess students’ speaking skill of accuracy, a speaking pre-post test was designed and a scoring scale was adapted. Students’ responses were recorded on audio files. They were scored by two different raters and correlation coefficient was calculated. The findings of the study revealed that there were statistically significant differences at (α=0.05) in the mean scores of the accuracy post test between the experimental group students and the control group students in favor of the experimental group students due to using the TBI program.

Keywords: English speaking skills, Speaking Accuracy, task-based instruction