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Implementation and Perspectives of a Content-Based Instruction Course in an EFL Context. (Published)

This paper reports on the design and implementation of the course “International and Business Etiquette” through content-based instruction (CBI) in an EFL classroom. It also examines learners’ perceived effectiveness regarding both content and language learning in this course. Seventy Taiwanese EFL learners participated in this study. Task-based activities aiming at enhancing different language skills and content knowledge learning were implemented. Evaluation sheets, questionnaires, and semi-structured interviews were employed to elicit learners’ responses. The results revealed students’ positive feedback not only on the part of the content knowledge, but on their improved language abilities. Positive responses were also reported on students’ gains from cooperative learning, their boosted confidence and reduced anxiety in the target language use. The findings suggested that CBI instruction in EFL context is feasible and can work effectively in promoting both content and language learning with deliberate implementation. Other findings, suggestions and pedagogical implication will also be discussed.

Keywords: Content-Based Instruction (CBI), Cooperative learning, International and Business Etiquette, Task-Based Activities