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Efficient Stores Management – A Case Study on Takoradi Polytechnic Stores Department (Published)

The study is based on an abstract on the efficiency of Stores Management in Takoradi Polytechnic at Takoradi. Most Government Institutions set up stores basically as warehouses outfit to keep inventory of goods for future use. This means that distribution activities that are involved in store keeping, stock control and stock handling are carried out efficiently and economically by those employed in the stores. Efficient stores management can have a significant impact on the strategic objectives of the Polytechnic. In general administration of stores is to make sure that all activities involved in stock control and employees in the stores carryout stores keeping, store control and stock handling efficiently and economically. It also consists of the recruitment, selection, induction and training of stores officers and more. At the end of the study, the significance of efficient stores management at the stores department of Takoradi Polytechnic will be known to the researcher and other sister polytechnics because of the following assumptions, In tertiary institutions where stocks levels can be identified, this research work can be used as a guide in setting stock taking interval. The study will also help to solve the problems faced in setting up periodic stock taking and various activities involve. It will also help potential entrepreneurs to be informed of what is at stake in businesses as far as stock management is concern. The study will reduce the incidence of financial losses characterized by inefficient stores management.

Keywords: Financial Losses., Standard Objective, Stock Taking, Stores Management, Takoradi Polytechnic


The study assessed occupational stress and its effects on job performance among members of staff at Takoradi Polytechnic. Six research questions and two hypotheses were raised to guide the study and a descriptive survey was used. The target population for the study was the members of staff of Takoradi Polytechnic comprising junior staff, senior staff, and senior members in the polytechnic. Random sampling technique was used to draw 250 members of staff for the study. Questionnaire was the main instrument used to gather the data. Descriptive statistics (tables and correlation) were used to analyze data pertaining to the research whereas inferential statistics (Pearson’s chi-square) was used to analyze data pertaining to the hypotheses. The result showed that fatigue was the major cause of occupational stress among staff of the polytechnic followed by back pain, an effect of long sitting hours on uncomfortable chairs at work. There was not a significant difference existed between male and female members of staff. A key recommendation from the study was that correct stress management training program should be incorporated into the fabric of the Polytechnic administration to improve health of workers and interpersonal relationships.

Keywords: Takoradi Polytechnic, occupational Stress