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Integrating Traditional and Critical Approaches to Syllabus Design: A theoretical study (Published)

Chronologically speaking, the view to syllabus design has been changed over the decades of development of the phenomenon of second language learning and teaching, as we go through from language centered methods to learner centered methods and to learning centered methods.  An attempt was made in this paper to revisit the concept and the types of syllabus approaches in the realm of second language learning and teaching.  Topics analyzed included, the definition of syllabus, the categorization of syllabi types, the introduction of an integrative approach to syllabus design and the presentation of the proposed model to syllabus design. In this paper, I focus on the traditional and critical approaches to syllabus design and introduce an integrative approach and finally I present the proposed model to teachers and syllabus designers to apply in practical contexts.

Keywords: Approach, Curriculum, syllabus design

Tailoring For the Needs of Graduate Students in Kuwait (Published)

Drawing on their long experience of teaching English as a foreign language in Kuwait, the researchers propose a course designed to meets the needs of Kuwaiti students seeking to pursue their higher studies in a university in one of the English speaking countries, particularly the UK or the USA. The need for this course stems from the fact that students who go abroad to pursue their higher studies struggle a lot, not only with the authentic language that they encounter for the first time, but also with the culture. So the content of the course is based on teaching the language within its cultural context. This paper gives details of this course in terms of goals, objectives, content, the stages of the learning experience and ways of implementation.

Keywords: English as a foreign language, language skills, syllabus design, training course