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Determination of Pegagan Duck Agroindustry Policies Priority and Development Strategies (Conservation of Native Pegagan Duck Indonesia) (Published)

The objective of this research is to arrange Pegagan duck agroindustry policies and its development strategies. Pegagan Duck is a local germplasm native to Ogan Ilir District with a propect of being developed into local superior commodity. However, its population continues to decline. This research applied Expert Choice in Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) Application in order to determine policy priorities in Pegagan Duck agroindustry development in Ogan Ilir Sub-district. The result of this research showed that Pegagan Duck development can be present by implementing Good Farming Practice. Determination of alternative strategies in developing Pegagan duck Agroindustry was done by SWOT analysis whereas strategy priority determination was applied on Quantitative Strategy Planning Matrix (QSPM). It is concluded that, revitalization on local Pegagan duck stockbreeding center based on local resouces through regulation and implementation of appropriate technology was the chosen strategy.

Keywords: AHP, Expert Choice, Pegagan Duck, QSPM, Swot Analysis

Arrangement of Human Resources to the Strengthening Of the Economy on the Businessemen of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Msmes) In Makassar, Indonesia (Published)

Hernita. Arrangement of human resources to the strengthening of the economy in SMEs in Makassar, Indonesia. Type of qualitative research using Phenomenology approach. Source of data in this study include: 1) Primary Data Sources, 2) Secondary Data Sources. This research instrument is the researchers themselves, in which the researcher as an instrument to obtain accurate data supplied by a variety of methods. Reality in Makassar prove that there is a tendency not balance between providing qualified human resources with rate changes. It is then result in distortions between energy needs with expertise, skills and competency are not able to put up certain of educational institutions on the level of human resource needs in the community. Whereas compliance with those requirements should be obtained from outside the existing educational institutions. A drastic change from the New Order became the order of the reform should be the basic foundation for reorienting education must reset the system and the pattern of implementation of national education

Keywords: Businesmen, Economic, Human Resources, Performance, Swot Analysis