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Mechanical Craft Practice Trade Facilities and Competencies Required for Soaring Sustainable National Productivity in Rivers State (Published)

The study investigated mechanical craft practice trade facilities and competencies required for soaring sustainable national productivity in Rivers State. Two research questions were posed and two hypotheses were formulated to guide the focus of the study. Population of the study consists of 33 respondents, comprising 18 teachers and 15 technical instructors from three government owned technical colleges and one Government Craft Development Centre in Rivers State. No sampling was taken considering the small size of the population. .Self-structured instrument titled “Mechanical Craft Practice Trade facilities for Sustainable National Productivity METFCSNP) was designed to elicit information from the respondents. Findings of the study include electronic parking brake, electronic sensors, modern actuators, electromechanical power steering system, oxygen sensor, oscilloscope multimeter among others are modern electronic gadgets expected in mechanical craft practice trade for soaring sustainable national productivity in Rivers State. Based on the findings, recommendations were made that; the government should provide modern electronic gadgets into mechanical craft practice section in technical college workshops for efficiency in practical training. That, the student of mechanical craft practice trade should be allowed to embark in industrial training in multinational oil industries to pave way for a universal learning in the institution and be familiar with modern electronic gadgets and tools in industry workshops.

Keywords: Competencies, mechanical craft practice, soaring, sustainable national productivity