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Comparative Analysis of Green Manufacturing practice among Manufacturing Firms in South-East Nigeria (Published)

Green manufacturing is paramount to the future of Nigerian Manufacturing. This study evaluated the level of awareness of manufacturing firm managers in South-South, Nigeria using RECE model. The study used a qualitative research design to ascertain green manufacturing practice viz: recycling, energy efficiency initiative, choosing green materials and eco-innovation among manufacturing managers in South-East, Nigeria. It was found that Anambra State is more conscious of green manufacturing as against Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo State. The study concluded that green manufacturing is a benchmark for the future of Nigerian manufacturing firms and recommended that the RECE model developed here can be used by manufacturing firms in Nigeria to assess and implement green manufacturing practice.

Keywords: Energy efficiency initiative, RECE model, Recycling, Sustainable manufacturing, choosing green materials and eco-innovation.