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Challenges and Potentiality of GCC Countries towards Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth: Analytical Framework (Published)

The paper provides an overview of the key challenges, which face GCC countries in their efforts to attain sustainable growth and development. Their capacity to diversify the economy outside the energy sector, youth unemployment and labour market imbalances represent good examples for these challenges.The paper shows the efforts made by GCC countries to diversify their economies and to have sustained growth. Achievements were not impressive in terms of innovation and human development but relative satisfactory performance is obtained in the domain of governance and infrastructure development. As a policy recommendation, the GCC countries need to adapt new diversification strategies by encouraging innovation and developing the skills of the human resources.

Keywords: Innovation, Oman, Sustainable Growth, labour market imbalances, oil

Sustaining Quality African Education for Sustainable Growth and Development in Africa: The Nigerian Experience (Published)

The study was carried out to examine the role of African education on sustainable growth and development in Africa: a case study of Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted for the study. Seven hundred and twenty (720) participants were randomly sampled from the six geopolitical zones of the country. Two hypotheses were formulated and tested using simple regression analysis tested at 0.05 level of significance. A 30 item questionnaire titled “Sustaining Quality African Education for Sustainable Growth and Development Questionnaire” was constructed and administered by the researchers. The instrument was validated by experts in evaluation and psychological testing. The split half reliability method was used to determine the reliability of the instrument. The reliability index stood at 0.89. the statistical analysis of the hypotheses showed that there was a significant influence of African education for entrepreneurship skills on sustainable growth and development. Again the result of the second hypothesis indicated that there was a significant influence of African education for cultural values on sustainable growth and development. Based on the result, conclusion was drawn and recommendations were made on how to integrate the African indigenous education for sustainable development.

Keywords: African Education, Development, Sustainable Growth

Competitiveness in Higher Education Practices in Sierra Leone: A Model for Sustainable Growth (Published)

This article has taken a step towards providing an open critical approach for the future of sustainable growth for HETIs in Sierra Leone. The system at the moment needs a complete review and overhaul in order to move forward in competing with HETIs at a global scale. The government on its own cannot continue take up the burden of a 100% funding for HETIs in the country (with increase population growth rate) when the situation across the region, and the world is such that HETIs are developing great plans towards self-sufficiency / sustenance through high quality teaching and learning, and more importantly, competitive research ventures. A model has been worked out for a future sustainable and competitive HETIs in the country, and partnership with TEC, followed by some realistic recommendations for consideration both in the present and the future.

Keywords: Competitiveness, Higher Education, Quality Assurance, Sierra Leone, Sustainable Growth