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Macro-Level Considerations for Effective Implementation of Sustainable Development Interventions (Published)

This paper highlights interrelatedness and interdependency of Sustainable Development (SD) Goals and the need to approach SD challenges from multidisciplinary approaches. Priority attention for population and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction are explained as issues that can negatively affect all the achievements made in SD implementation by the United Nations (UN) and its partners. This paper also tries to show the importance of macro and micro-level SD considerations when intervening to address community development challenges and the role of sustainability filters and enhancers towards true sustainability. The drill-down concepts for effective delivery of community development interventions are also explained.

Keywords: Sustainability Enhancers, Sustainability Filters, drill-down approach, macro-level, micro-level, true-sustainability

Sustainability Filters and Enhancers towards Improving Intervention Functionality and Sustainable Advancement as a More Holistic Concept (Published)

In a continuously increasing population situation in the world, non-renewable resources cannot be used sustainably forever, no matter how much frugality is applied since the resources involved are finite and would be exhausted one day. This article proposed that at the micro level, interventions should be reviewed from two perspectives: conditional requirements, I have called sustainability filters and others that will enhance sustainability and functionality, which I have called sustainability enhancers and these issues be considered before intervention decisions are made. It also explained other interrelated factors to be considered at the macro level. The article tried to bring out the interrelationships between peace, development, violence and pollution and graphically showed that no sustainable development can take place without peace. Finally, the article proposed a shift from the constraining mentality, mainly based on population pressure and frugal utilization of resources/attitudes to greater focus on science and technology towards continual reduction of input requirements to achieving greater outputs and utilizing greener alternatives or renewable resources (sustainable advancement), so that the impending world population crisis can be better managed for posterity.

Keywords: Sustainability Advancement, Sustainability Enhancers, Sustainability Filters, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)