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Assessment of Indoor Air pollution through use of Indoor Plants (Published)

The study modeled air quality in the indoor spaces.  Air quality “refers to the condition of the air within surrounding Air quality meter, thermometer and lux meter were used for assessment of air quality of indoor spaces for four weeks in Gangotari hostel of CCSHAU, Hisar. For the experimental work six rooms were selected for assessment of indoor air quality of a specific plants was kept in each different rooms i.e.R1 (spider plant), R2 (rubber plant), R3 (bamboo palm), R4 (snake plant), R5 (boston fern) and one room was RC (control room) for comparison in air quality. In all rooms where indoor plants were placed showed improvement in indoor air quality in terms of formaldehyde, suspended particulate matter, after 4th week in control room formaldehyde increased 1.60 percent whereas, room with spider plant formaldehyde decreased by 74.07%, trailed by 73.30% decrease in room with bamboo palm. The suspended particulate matter after 4th week in control room increased by 70.92% but in room with spider plant it reduced by 50.02% trailed by 32.71% decrease in room with rubber plant.

Citation: Santosh Kumari and Manju Mehta (2022) Assessment of Indoor Air pollution through use of Indoor Plants, International Journal of Environment and Pollution Research, Vol.10, No.4 pp.33-51

Keywords: Indoor plants, air quality, formaldehyde, suspended particulate matters