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Surrogacy Legislation and Social Entrepreneurship (Published)

The research shows a lack of understanding of the complexities of surrogacy, is prejudiced in its approach, is ambiguous, unrealistic, and, most importantly, fails to give adequate surrogate safeguards. Surrogacy is appreciated, but not compensated, for the reproductive work that women do. A group of challenges that affect a portion of the population is difficult for the government, private organisations, and the third sector to tackle. Because social entrepreneurship is a scientific issue that evolved from the empirical world and the cosmos, it was established for this reason.With the objective of evaluating the social enterprise from the viewpoints of social entrepreneurship and local development, this article presents a case study based on information obtained through in-depth interviews. The institution fosters social transformation by paying attention to instances of social fragility. The studies also indicated that the management team is concerned with maintaining a strong, lean, and objective organisational structure, with each sector knowing that the activity they are performing is essential to the organization’s quality and performance.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Legislation, Social entrepreneurship, Surrogacy

The New Family Code and Some Aspects of Surrogacy Adoption (Published)

At a time when the Family Code was still at the stage of the project, the adoption of the Law on Reproductive Health created difficulties as this law did not foresee anything about the procedures to be followed by the ordering parents to legally register the child as a child theirs. To fill this legal vacuum in the Family Code was expressly provided, in Article 261, that for surrogative adoption, provided for in Law no. 8876, dated 04.04.2002 “On Reproductive Health”, the same criteria and procedures as provided in this Code and relevant legislation apply. In this regard some problems arise depending on use of surrogative technique. In this scientific paper I will give my contribution in this field to better understand this new area of family law that is being developing every year in Albania.

Keywords: Adoption, New Family Code, Surrogacy