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Study of the Catalytic and Surface Characteristics of Nickel Based Catalyst Supported With Metal Oxide for H/D Isotopic Exchange (Published)

Nickel catalysts supported with different metal oxides proved to be suitable for H/D isotopic exchange between hydrogen and water vapor. Ferric and aluminum oxide, proved to be suitable as promoter for nickel catalyst for such reaction Cr2O3, CoO and MnO were selected to be the second promoter for nickel catalyst in addition to Fe2O3 producing ternary catalytic systems. Accordingly, Ni/Fe2O3/AL2O3, Ni/Fe2O3/CoO and Ni/Fe2O3/MnO ternary catalytic systems were prepared by the Coprecipitation technique. These systems were characterized through complexometric titration, IR absorption spectroscopy, thermal analysis and x-ray analysis. The catalytic activity of the examined systems was carried out using a simple test reaction. The kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of the prepared systems were calculated and discussed followed by study the surface nature of these catalysts which characterized through specific surface area measurements, pore volume and pore radius analysis. It was concluded that not only the preparation method, but also the type of the support and its amount in the catalyst mixture are important factors which affect the surface quality of the catalyst.

Keywords: Complexomtric Analysis, IR Spectra, Specific Catalytic Activities, Surface Catalyst Nature, Thermal Analysis, X-Ray Analysis